April 12, 2010

A Wonderful Suprise!

I received a wonderful suprise in the mail today. My pendant has arrived!! My partner for the InTatters pendant exchange was Julia Haug (IcePrincess). She did a lovely job on my pendant and I had to share a picture with my online friends.
I love the gorgeous green beads she used:-) It is a large sized pendant, somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 inches across, on a clear necklace, so it looks like it's floating on my neck. Such a nice affect I might have to try this idea out for my next pendant:-)
I do love it and I hope she loves the piece I tatted for her as well. Hopefully she recieves it soon so I can share a picture with you all. It is simply killing me not to show it off. Oh well, I guess this is a lesson in patience:-)


  1. Love the green colours of the pendant what a nice gift!!

  2. That's lovely! Isn't it awesome doing exchanges? It's great! What a lovely gift!
    ~TattingChic ♥