April 20, 2010

Silver Earrings by Alan Kolodny!

YAY! Look at the GORGEOUS set of earrings that was waiting for me in the mail:-)

These earrings were tatted by Alan Kolodny, and, as he explained in his letter, they were the first he tatted in wire. They are very delicate earrings in a very fine gauge (silver over copper wire), with swarovski crystal teardrops. His newer earrings are done in a heavier gauge and are pure silver!! They are simply stunning, and can be purchased at his Etsy shop The Joyful Tatter.

I was the lucky winner of Alan's first giveaway, and I am so excited to have won:-) He is a very interesting character (Preacher, Professional Clown, Wire Tatter). If you haven't checked out Alan's blog before, I recommend you check out Another Joyful Creation. I cannot wait to wear my new earrings:-)

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