April 20, 2010

My Pendant for Julia!!

YAY! My InTatters Pendant Exchange partner IcePrincess (Julia) received her pendant yesterday:-) She seems very pleased with what I sent her, which pleases me to no end!!! But what makes it even better is now I can share it with all of you as well!!
The pendant was inspired by Ruth Scharf's leaves and flowers. It was tatted in Flora size 50 and Venus size 40 thread.
Flora- 5083 for petals
Flora- 5085 for leaves
Venus-525 flower center
The necklace is two thin leather cords in two shades of brown. I was so pleased with the finished pendant!! I may have to make myself one as well:-)
I also included in her package some shell accents for jewelry making, a set of clover shuttles (which she had never tried before), a small tin of Altoid mints (not shown), and two balls of vintage thread- DMC Cordonnet size 50 (color number unknown), and DMC Cordonnet size 150.
I had SO MUCH FUN with this exchange!!! I recommend if you have never done an exchange before you give it a try:-)


  1. That necklace and assembled goodies look terrific! Any chance we could get a closer look at the flower and leaves? Are the leaves done in Cluny? The pendant is just gorgeous!

  2. The pendant is just beautiful and I love the leaves coming off it. I haven't seen anything like it. Keep up the good work. :) Have a great day! :)

  3. i would love to see a pattern for the pendant you tatted *or perhaps a tutorial, depending on how close the pendant is to ruth's original patterns*.

    it's really beautiful. simple, but amazing!!! it would actually perfect for a non-tatting exchange i'm doing right now!!!

  4. Isdihara, I sent you an email of the close up. Let me know what you think:-)

  5. God's Kid, I wanted to try my hand at designing something original, but I simply don't think I'm there yet. I did however alter the pattern to suit what I wanted it to look like, which was a bit of a stretch. It was so much fun I think I might give design a chance soon, if I can find the time:-)

    Misfitknits, as for the pattern. It is Ruth's basic leaf and flower design with slight alterations. I added a row of chains to the leaf, and removed a round or two from the flower so it looked right together. But assembling it as a pendant was of my design. There is no specific pattern for that in her book.

    I am glad you liked my work:-)