January 11, 2013

Starting 2013 off right:-)

It has been far too long since I have had anything to post. Tatting has taken a back seat to rasing four boys (two teens, one preteen and a toddler) as well as more health issues than I care to discuss. When I have had down time, crocheting baby blankets, afghans, hats, scarves, and ornaments (per the request of family members) have occupied it. Perhaps I should have been posting those pics as well. Finally, after far too long I have been bitten by the tatting bug once again:-) I will be posting pics of the project I am working on as well as Jane's TIAS 2013 (day one shown above). When I don't have tatting to share I will post pics of my shuttles, favorite books, and if anyone would like to see it, of my crochet. I hope 2013 is an epic year for tatting. I'm off to a good start anyway. I am not sure how many of you still remember me, but if anyone still does I hope you enjoy:-)

This is the progress on my "Corona" doily. It is from Judith Connors book "Contemporary Tatting


  1. Hello Marie
    I'm a new reader and very excited to see a new post from you. About half a year ago I stumbled over your blog and added you to my readerlist. Since then hasn't there been a new post from you - before today! So I am very excited to see a new post from you. Sorry if my spelling is bad - I'm from Denmark, so I'm not used to write in English.
    Seeing forward to reading more from your hand.
    Greetings from Monika

  2. Oh that's pretty! I especially love the individual motifs in that doily.